Saturday, October 12, 2013

September Date Night (kinda)

Good evening!!!

If you remember, I made this Twelve Dates of 2013 scrapbook for one of Steve's Christmas presents. We have been right on track every month. Except September got way busy and we ended up not going on our date that month. So we just decided to double up in October.

Tonight we went out for our September date. We were supposed to go to Barnes & Noble and listen to some music and enjoy our favorites and find some new music to enjoy. Well...who knew that Barnes & Noble didn't have the music area anymore?? Or at least the one nearest us doesn't. Boo. So that was a bust.

Instead, we went shopping for a few more Halloween crafts/decorations and got some Subzero ice cream. That was fun and relaxed, which is how we like it.

Sheldon is really eyeing that ice cream...

The sizes were bigger than anticipated. Mine (the first picture) was a size small. Wuuut?? And Steve's was a medium. And no, his was not vomit-flavored, even though it looks that way. His was mint.
So glad for my date night with my hubs.

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