Saturday, December 5, 2009

Temple Square with the fam!

Last Sunday, Jen had a concert in the Assembly Hall at Temple Square. And of course, the lights were wondrous! So here are some pictures. :)

This is a picture from the side of the reflection pond like down the street. My camera doesn't do the view justice at all.

This is a close up. You can see the nativity scene floating on the water better. I'd like it alot better without that us bank sign in the background. haha.

These next two are Kristin, Kaydence, Will, and Brennan. They forgot their camera. But they were stinkin' cuties!

I wanted to take pictures of Jen's performance because we had some PRIME spots for seeing Jen play piano. But pictures were prohibited. And oh yeah, my camera died. But she did well, you can take my word for it! She even played the tamborine fantastically!!!!

I think the picture tells it all. But we REALLY REALLY REALLY want you to have a good holiday season!!!! :)