Thursday, April 25, 2013


I know this:

Every man and woman who serves the Lord, no matter how faithful they may be, have their dark hours; but if they have lived faithfully, light will burst upon them and relief will be furnished.
Teachings of Lorenzo Snow
Millennial Star, Aug. 24, 1899, 531.

I don't know the blessings or the time they will come. But I know there will be blessings as long as I serve the Lord faithfully. So that is what I will be doing around here.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring cleaning & projects

Alright everyone. I know that I talk about my house a lot, but it's fun because it's our first house and it's been an adventure already. So now that it's the first Spring season since we have been moved and settled, I have some goals for cleaning, organizing, and updating. I figure I'll share them, mostly for my own benefit in not forgetting them. If I just write them down at home, I lose the list and then I just give up.

This is not in any real order, and I may keep updating this list as I come up with more ideas, but this is it for now. I don't care if these all get done in the spring, but I want to maybe get them done some time this year. At least started! Hopefully!

So here goes...

1. Weed/clean up flower beds (again)
1a. Get the mulch and big flower pots for the flower beds
1b. Actually plant flowers :)

2. Organize our craft room and spare (guest) bedroom

3. Clean out/organize garage
3a. Make shelves in garage for storage bins

4. Make the tub into a shower in the pink potty
(Yeah, it's currently only a tub. So I want that functional for any guests so they don't have to go into our bedroom to shower.)

5. Start saving for/deciding on cabinets for kitchen
5b. Put some cabinet doors back on

6. Paint upstairs living room/dining room (finally!!)

7. Donate more clothes/shoes/accessories - really...

8. Finish painting the forgotten cabinet in the kitchen

I know there are more I'm forgetting. I'll let you know how all these things go since it's starting to warm up and be lovely enough for open windows! :)