Friday, November 21, 2008

Utah drivers


I've been cut off 3 times this week by drivers that don't care enough about their lives and their children's lives to look before they turn out in front of me! HELLO!??! WOULD YOU LIKE TO DIE TODAY? And it really truly does make me irritable for the rest of the day. Not cool. Ok, maybe only a couple hours after. But still, not cool.

There is no room for uncoolness in my life, thank you very much!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Carbon Monoxide YESSSS

Wow I am just a posting fiend lately. Kinda. haha.

Ok, so last night right after McCain's speech, we hear beeping and then a super calm women saying, "carbon monoxide. carbon monoxide." I was like, uuuh what? So we turned it off. Opened some windows and I called Monica.

Conversation, paraphrased and probably misquoted:
Me: Hi Monica! Question...if our carbon monoxide detector is going that a worthy cause to call the police?
Mon: Yesss.
Me: Ok, I'll go do that then. THANKS!

So we called the po-po. (Which was exciting because I've never done that before! Except Steve did it because he is the man of the house...and I was too scared.) So they got there REALLY fast. I was actually really surprised. So two sheriffs stood outside with us until the fire dept found our apartment. (Apparently alot of people have trouble finding out place. It's weirdly placed where we are.) So they found it. Had some carbon monoxide in there. The one guy said, "It's not at a lethal level. But it could have become lethal had you been in there like a week or so with it that way." So we weren't too worried about it at all.

Then they had us hang out at our downstiars neighbor's place for almost an hour to wait for the questar gas man to come and check it out because his "air-sniffer" is better than theirs, as he said it. The gas man came and said his reading was actually much worse than what the fireman found. Thought to self: AWWWESOME...
Then they procede to tell us, "Good news: you can stay in your apartment. Bad news: you won't have any heating. Your landlord has to replace it because there's a crack in a chamber that's leaking." Of course he used more technical terms.

Soooo this morning was AWFUL getting ready! The heater must also affect the water heater thinger. Because I'm like, "oh a chance at warmth this morning!" Because it's really cold yesterday and today. I turn up the shower to really hot. I get in and it's about lukewarm. Thought to self: AWWWWESOME...
So then I'm shivering in the shower and hating my current state of life and then I get out...HOLY COWS! I mean, I hate being cold to start off with. But then getting out of the shower was like, DEATH!

Now I have to call the landlord and make him actually come down to our apartment to fix something! Heaven forbid! We haven't even met our landlord and I've lived there since MAY! MAAAAY!!! We've only met the maintenance man. And we've left multiple messages about our broken carport light, porch light, and the leftover sandbags from when our washer leaked all over our kitchen floor and bubbled the linoleum (sp?) and carpet. Yet, no one comes...ever. Thought to self: AWWWWESOME ...

That's the story of my current life. If you have never heard the washer leaking story, I'll be glad to update you on that one too. Just let me know! :) Thank you for listening!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

We love autumn!

Sorry about the whole, never posting thing. And unfortunately this one will be short. But I'm always on school computers because we dont' have the internet yet. Sorry! I'll try to remember more often!
But we got so GREAT pictures of our halloween costumes. Well just our faces. These are from the Institute Halloween Dance. We went late and left early because we only knew a few people! Many of our friends are getting married and don't go anymore! haha!

So enjoy our creepy pictures! :)
I tried to rotate them several times. i don't fully understand steve's computer. :( Sorry!