Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Date

Here is a picture of me and Steve before we went on our Valentine's date. We went to Steph's. It's just a burger place that is in Morgan. It was really cool. And we know the owner, so that basically rocked!
We had alot of fun!
Then we came back to my apartment and watched Indiana Jones, The Temple of Doom.

And lately Steve has been teaching me I Am A Child of God in spanish. And I pretty much rock at it. And now I know it! YAY! I decided to teach him Sippin' Cider from girls' camp. haha. He enjoyed that song....

Here's us on NOT Valentine's Day. This was actually in the first semester when Steve took me down to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.
Clearly, we were SUPER excited about being at Temple Square! YAY!

K ummmm that's all I got for now. Especially since I have TONS of homework to do. PEACE!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I decided to follow the trend of the family!

Well, Monica was doing it. And then Sarah did it. And I was talking to mom, and we felt left out, but not really. We just decided we should do one sometime.

So here I am!

I decided I'd let you guys live vicariously through my college life! haha. Not that you need to...but ya never know.

So I'll let you in on my awesome way far away from home life that's been goin' on for the past couple years...ish.

So here is a picture of last year. I was sitting in our little living area and Chelsey is about to start the dishwasher. She tells me that we're out of dishwasher detergent, and asks if we can use just regular hand wash dish detergent. I say, maybe, but not alot because it's alot more sudsy. So I don't know how much soap she put in it, but here is the outcome! We ended up having to skip our family home evening because we spent almost an hour mopping it up after letting it run and overflow a few times. Haha. Good times!

Here's a prank that was played on me while I was out on a blind date. Orion (in the photo) took everything in my room and stacked it on my bed. He took my mattress and my bedding and put them all in the lobby down the hall. Then he continued to tape everything that was on a desk TO the desk.

So then I got home and my blind date was nice enough to help me get my room back in order. Then he left. Aaaand never called me again. Which is fine, he was weird...but nice. haha.

I must mention that prior to this prank, Orion and his roommate Brock had put icy hot on our toilet seats. So we had two very good reasons to perform the next prank on them!

We saran wrapped their car and put shaving cream on their windows and pads and tampons. It was awesome. We also saran wrapped in between the stairs leading up to their doorway. It was also double awesome because they were gonna use that saran wrap on US.

Yeah...that's because girls are awesome! MUAH HAHAHAHAAAA!!!

Here's our apartment on my 20th birthday! We're playing "keys"...which is the best game in the entire world! Just so you know...
I mean...can't you tell how amazing it is?
And also, the balloons aren't taped to the walls...we rubbed them in our hair and then they stayed staticized to the walls all night. It was spectacular!
Well, that's all I got for now. Well that's not true at all. I have alot more to say, but I'll just start with this. There will be other fun things later! I just have homework annnnd well just homework. OH AND LAUNDRY! So yeah, that's all!
Lynnette :)