Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In the meantime...

While you have all been diligently working your blogs and documenting your fun times, we have been going INSAAAANE!!!!

But since we are on a week break from school, I thought I would catch you up on our lives -- even though I won't have any pictures up yet.

School started in January and we didn't waste any time getting busy with everything else in our lives. I auditioned for the musical Oklahoma right before Christmas break. I made the cast and I was suuuuper excited since I had not been in a show for a few years! And rehearsals started the same day as school started. However, that same day, my body decided it would get strep throat for the first time ever! I cannot convey how much I HATE missing school/rehearsals -- especially when it's the first week of them! But I had to miss any entire week of both. I guess it was pretty important so I didn't get everyone else sick around me.

But we immediately got a TON of homework and alot of stuff to get started on for school. Both of us were taking a Research Methods class, and we knew it was going to be a tough semester. Luckily I got to do my research project/paper with a group, but Steve had to do it all by his lonesome...with a teacher that did not explain anything to him. But we ended up being pretty successful in our projects and finishing up well.

Oklahoma rehearsals were Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for almost 2 months. It was a little stressful with homework, tests, and papers. Not to mention our only having one car. Somehow we made it work and I always got to rehearsal and Steve always got home from work. Then when the shows started, it was from February 25th through April 9th, every Monday, Friday, and Saturday. A VERY long run for a community show, but it was enjoyable!!! I made so many new friends and loved dancing and singing all the time. I had almost forgotten how much I really enjoyed being on stage. We also got a TON of great reviews from people saying it was a really great show -- even though it was Oklahoma. So I'd say we did a great job.

Sadly, we did not play the Wii much -- even though we were so excited we had it! At most we'd play for an hour a month. But that's not to say it wasn't tempting. We used alot of self control in making ourselves do our homework instead of playing games.

As the semester wore on, our schedules and projects became more and more insane. We definitely learned alot about time management in the last few months. We had so many papers and projects to finish just within a few weeks. SOMEHOW we did it all. And I was lucky that my show ended the week before finals week. We're waiting for our final grades from a couple other classes, but so far we've seen that we pulled out some A-'s where we were expecting a little lower of a grade. We're satisfied so far! :)

We have been enjoying our week-long break before the summer semester starts. May 2nd -- here we come! Full force again! And we've been lucky in getting financial aid to pay for almost all of our semester's expenses.

Steve also celebrated his birthday this past March. We just had a couple friends over to play our Wii and break it in. I got him (us) a down pillow and an apple corer! The second one is an inside joke about our unhealthy eating. :) So hopefully now we'll eat more apples, right???

I hope you've had a good beginning of 2011!