Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Pictures

Here's some pictures that I've been meaning to put up for Kristin to steal.

One day, Kaydence pulled out my laundry basket and sat in it and wanted Brennan to sit in it with her. So I piled a bunch of blankets in there and put them in together. It's so cute that she just stares at Brennan all the time!

Steve's 26th birthday!

Here's the birthday boy!

Steven's birthday was recently, I keep forgetting to update about it. This was the first time we had the whole family over to see our new apartment. :)

This year we went all out and made a sweeeet spread of yummy treats for all to eat!
We were going to try chocolate covered strawberries too...but we went for the much cheaper alternative...pretzels.

Some chocolate cupcakes! And I tried my best at choclate covered pretzels. And they were gone by the end of the night, so I guess it was a success. We loved them, so we'll definitely be making those again!
This was a white confetti cake. The main reason we even made this was because it had edible images [ROBOTS] to put on the icing. It would have been really cool. But we thought stuff to make the icing came in the box. I guess we didn't read close enough that we had to buy it separate. Dang. So we saved the robot images for another day. And the confetti ended up turning the entire cake blue. I liked it.
And my personl favorite, PUPPY CHOW!!! [aka: muddy buddies] were a huge success as well. I could sit and eat this stuff all day. So I guess it's good that it got eaten. :)

These action shots show how severely we need a new camera. [We've had to tape the battery flap shut.]
Nice face on Steve's part.

There was only 8 candles [2 and 6 for 26...get it?] on the entire cake, but Steve needed 3 breaths and Dallin's help to get all the candles out...ridiculous!! What happened to those singing lungs??

And these are some cute nephews. :)
Bennett...even though he covered his face so you can't see his cuteness.

And little Brennan.

So Happy Birthday to Steven! :)
And we hope you all had a grand Easter weekend!