Sunday, June 30, 2013

Trekkies - picture overload

And I'm not talking about Star Trek. I'm talking about our amazing family that we got to have the Trek experience with. We called ourselves the Trekkies and our motto was Trek Long and Prosper.

For now, I am going to just give you a picture overload. I will do a separate post about my experience. It was something I will never forget.

Here are the kids just getting started pulling our cart. (You can tell it just started because they still have such big smiles.)

The first night we had a dance. Here are some pictures of a few kids from our ward, and Steve doing some dancing.

We had been sunscreening all day long, and at the end of the day I thought I had still gotten a burn. But then I was washing my arms and legs with baby wipes, and realized I just had a really sweet dust tan.

One of our kids found a cool caterpillar. And it had the design of a penguin on it. Funky!

Sweet sunset from our camp.

Here is the start of our third day. They were sincerely the best ever.

 We had guides on horses the whole time we trekked.

This area was almost like a preserve - they just let nature take its course here as much as possible. So there were bones/carcasses along parts of our trail.

Walking and walking and walking some more.

Ooooh mornings. We will never be friends. (Believe it or not, I was smiling in this picture.)

We look pretty good for the third day.

Look at those girlies kicking butt pulling that cart!

There was a lot of going up and down hills. It got a little crazy at times, but we did it. It really made you appreciate the experiences the pioneers had.

And we're done. (That's the only reason I'm smiling.) Just waiting for the closing devotional and then to go home.

We hiked three separate days. After the 2nd day, the soles fell off of my shoes. These were the only tennis shoes I brought, so I had to be resourceful for the 3rd day of hiking. (Also, like my leg dust tan?)

All our handcarts lined up. Can you tell how tired we all were??

Driving home. A few of the boys from our ward zonked after about 15 minutes of driving. I won't lie, so did I.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The ceiling fan

There is a fan over our dining area, and here is what the fan blades looked like:
The person that lived here previously was apparently a smoker. Seeing that shadow of the white that the blades used to be really grossed me out. So I cleaned the blades as best as I could and suddenly decided I was going to paint them!! It was totally spur of the moment at the end of the day when we were done with painting for the day.

So after cleaning them off (and being totally grossed out with the orange/brown crud that came off) I taped each blade a different pattern.

I didn't measure anything. Mom was freaking out about how not the same the lines were. So we agreed that I would make each blade a little different. I didn't care because I just wanted it to be a cool new quirky thing in my house.

I painted them the wall color (twice, to cover the gold flourish stuff). Then taped, them spray painted them black. But it was not looking so awesome, but my mom was thinking quick! She got a brush and brushed the spray paint so it was all evenly black. And it wasn't really for wood, so I was afraid it wouldn't dry. But it's just fan blades, right? So I wasn't too upset if I had to buy some more.

BUT - they turned out pretty shaweet!!

And they make a really cool psychadelic [sp?] pattern when I turn it on. LOVE IT.
Next goal: put lights on our fan so we not eat in the dark.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Painting the day away

So my mom came to visit from Indiana, and I obviously put her to work while she was here! She so lovingly agreed to help me paint my living room/dining area/hallway/entryway. And the reason I have to ask her to help me whenever she is here is because my dear hubby does not enjoy painting AT ALL.

So here are all the paint colors I was trying out. I ended up using the one that is like, right in the middle of all the colors. I won't tell you the entire story of how I chose the colors. I wanted a gray color. But I wasn't opposed to it having a blue tint. But I didn't want it to be TOO blue (like the color second from the left).

This is the biggest area of the house, and it's all connected. So I can't just paint part of it. I was very intimidated to start the project. But I did it - with my wondrous mom's help.

Here are some before pictures:
(I had to paint sample colors all over the walls because the light is so different all over where I was painting. So it looked a little ridiculous for a while, but it helped.)

Look at that form!!

You can see the new white on the ceiling and the old tan color that was painted EVERYWHERE in our house - baseboards, ceilings, bookcases, railings, EVERYTHING!!!

Good thing we had my awesome hubby that was still willing to help us on the parts that mom and I were too scared to do on the ladder. Mom was nervous and hovered over him most of the time he was painting.

I got brave enough to paint the walls in the entry.

I just realized that I don't have a legitimate "after" picture of the painting. So when I get everything back in place, then I'll post that.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flower Power

Well, a while ago I was called to be a Den Leader in the Cub Scouts for our ward. Everyone was telling me that I was brave to accept or whatever ... but I was secretly really excited. My dad grew up doing scouts and it always seemed like a blast. (Except for the times when they camped out in the blizzards...wasn't jealous of that.)

For the Scouts, they needed to plant flowers/gardens and learn about plants. Oh hey! I had a flower bed that I was planning to plant soon - I guess I'll donate my flower bed for the Scouts to learn about planting. Free labor? Holler. ;)

So I was nice and did all the weeding where we were planting:

I love these little Supertunias.

Pink with green on the outsides!! :)

Here is the ground cover - I can't remember the name.

It was quite the experience having 8 boys help plant my garden. It's a good thing I don't have a green thumb, because otherwise I probably would have freaked out. Haha.  But it was fun - whatever.

Here is the after:

Now, these Yucca plants (I'm pretty sure that's what they are) are in my backyard. I thought they were super ugly and I wanted to rip them out. Then my sister told me they flowered. I left them in to give them a chance so I could see what they looked like. And can I just say - I love them!! I am never taking these out! 

Someday I will have an awesomely cool yard with flowers and lovely things everywhere. That will mostly likely not be for a long time. But it's okay!

Next yard goal: actually keep weeds out of my flower beds....whoops.