Fave Crochet Projects

Here are some of very favorite crochet projects.
This has become a passion of mine, and I love sharing it with others.
All patterns should be linked through my posts.
Please notify me if there is no link for an item's pattern.

These sweet bunnies are my very favorite amigurumi I have done yet. They are perfect for baby gifts or holiday decorations. Each one that you make will be cuter than the last, I promise!

I loved making this dragon. All the hard work with the extra felt and yarn 
was worth this hug-able end result!

This little hat went to a charity donation, but it was so fun to make. The original pattern continues to become a cute polar bear hat, 
but I finished with the ears just because it was simple and adorable!

The free pattern is right here at Repeat Crafter Me. She has so many fun things to share for crochet enthusiasts!

This beard hat was fun and plain hilarious to make. I can't wait until I have a reason to make another one!

I made this because I was making my amazing and ever-growing Harry Potter Halloween. This was made so I didn't have to wear the traditional HP scarves if I didn't want to.

I'm quite proud of this fun infinity scarf because it was one of my very first crochet projects ever. I never posted about it in all the excitement. But you can find the free pattern here at imadedinner.net. So easy and turns out very cute and warm.

 This was my very first stuffed animal that I ever made. (Not this exact one, but the same pattern.) Too stinkin' cute, not to mention my favorite animal! Perfect for gifts for little ones.

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