Monday, October 7, 2013

Harry Potter chevron crocheted scarf

Well I told ya there would be another Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf on the way - and here it is! (And the crowd goes wild!!)

I made this one in a chevron pattern because I wanted it to be something I would want to wear more than just on Halloween.

I actually adapted this pattern from a baby blanket pattern. I got this free pattern from It's the Rickrack Rainbow Baby Blanket - which I've made for my cousin's baby and I loved it so much! This is another great beginner crochet project because it's all just single crochets and counting stitches.

I believe I chained 26 to start out with. (I forgot to count it out before I joined the ends, so I'm not 100% positive. If you try this and that's wrong, let me know.) I wanted it to be a bit wider, but knew I probably didn't have enough yarn left. So I just did 26.
Then I just followed the pattern above. Instead of only crocheting the single crochet only in the back loops, I did it through all the loops.
I kept measuring along to way to see how long I wanted it. When I got it to the length I liked, I just joined the two ends together with single crochets.

I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but it does curl a little bit. It doesn't just lay flat. So if that would bug you, you probably don't want to do this project. Since it was made into an infinity scarf, I didn't think it would bug me much at all.

As I mentioned in the last post, the yarn was $2.99 for each color (Burgundy and Gold). So I got two sweet HP scarves for only about $6!! Holler!!

I couldn't wait until Halloween to wear it, so I wore it to work today! I like it because the colors are very Gryffindor, but I would feel comfortable wearing this any time because it's a more "trendy" way of being Harry Potter-ish. So awesome!!

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