Saturday, October 19, 2013

New duvet set!

One of the rooms I'm trying most to get looking good is the master bedroom. Since it is one of the three most used rooms in our home, I want to love how it looks. For my birthday, I got some money to spend at Ikea. I had been eyeing a certain duvet set for quite a while and I was excited to finally buy it! And we got a new comforter with it.

It was a bit crazy getting the comforter inside the duvet cover thingy. Steve was taking a nap so I had to get it together all by myself. And it's rough with king-size bedding!! But it's done and I love it very much. It is our very first bedding that is not a hand-me-down from family.

It's kind of masculine, but I think it's versatile. I could add some fun pillows or a throw blanket to make it a good mix of masculine/feminine for the bedroom.

Here are a few goals for the bedroom. Even though these are very low on the list of priorities for home decorating.

  • Get new bedding
  • Cover box springs so they aren't funky looking sticking out under the bed
  • Paint baseboards/trim white
  • Paint second coat of paint on ceiling
  • Put up blinds in window (we've started this like 10 times, the walls right above it are stronger than us)
  • Curtain closet doors
  • Paint frames for wall decor
    • Hang up wall decor/pictures
  • Paint door

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