Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why do you crochet?

You've all seen that I've learned to crochet and I really enjoy it. I love working with my hands and seeing quick results of what I've been working on. I am willing to say that I'm good at it and I like making things for others. My top way to feel loved and show love is through service. Service comes in many forms, so it's a wide array of ways that I can feel loved.

I enjoy making things for others because I spend time thinking about them and making that certain thing. Since I've started crocheting, I have been making small things for loved ones and friends and it has brought me true joy. I love seeing their eyes light up and the smile that stretches across their face when they see their gift that I made! It's one of my ultimate ways to show how much I care about someone.

Because I love crocheting so much, I have quite a few people tell me that I should start an Etsy shop or start selling my creations at boutiques. I thought, "great idea! I can make some extra money!" Well I have sold a few of my things to friends for them to give as gifts. I've enjoyed that. But I decided not to do the Etsy shop or anything formal.

I am one of those people that starts to resent doing something when I realize that I have to fill a quota or do things when I had other things planned. So I knew that if I started taking formal orders from people, I would not enjoy crocheting as much.

This fact helped me realize that I enjoy crocheting as a service. I enjoy making things and giving them to people that are in need of a lift. I have decided to make this the reason I crochet. What better way to use my talents than to serve those around me?? I've discussed this with my husband, and I love his support. He immediately said he agreed that it was a good way to use my talents to show love to those that need it. Even though I'll technically be "losing" money by not selling most of my items, I will be increasing my love and appreciation for others through serving them.

Plus, I get to see people smile and exclaim, "You made this for me?!" Yes, I did!! :)

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