Friday, October 11, 2013

Craft room organization goals

Well, I have mentioned before that I'm on a mission to organize my craft room. 

Here is what it was looking like after my first little bit of organization. But sadly, you can't even tell a difference. Whoops.

The desk is especially embarrassing because I can't even use it! Boo.

Here is my list of goals for organizing the craft room:
  • Get rid of my Mary Kay supplies, or use them
  • Organize/purge bags & purses (3M hooks)
  • Organize yarn shelf
  • Combine ribbon
    • New ribbons storage
  • Organize and donate shoes out of shoe bin
  • Come up with new window treatments/coverings
  • Go through/organize junk boxes (from moving in...)
  • Go through/purge nightstand
    • Possibly relocate nightstand
  • Purge/organize scrapbooks, etc.
  • Purge any shopping bags and what is inside
  • Get sewing stuff all in one spot
  • Organize gift wrapping supplies
  • Organize kid craft things
I decided to try and do things little by little. I am not very motivated for organization right now. (Motivation usually comes to me in small, rare bursts.) So I started with my yarn. I cleared a shelf on the bookshelf and gathered my yarn from all over the house and put it on the shelf. 

I works for now, but I feel like it's not going to work long-term. I have no idea what to do later. I want to make sure they are out of the way but easily accessible.

I put all the really small odds and ends of yarn in this basket. So it has to be in a separate spot than the other yarn. Boo. I'll have to figure something else out soon.

If you have any great (and cheap and easy) yarn storage ideas, please let me know!!

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