Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One more step closer

Our appraisal was done on Monday. Now we just have to get the FHA inspection thingy done and install all those little things before we move in. And then we get to do some paperwork and close on our home!!!

It's so fun to think we'll be living on our own soon, with NO NEIGHBORS attached to us. We won't have to hear them walking, talking, or building things right above us anymore! I really cannot tell you how excited I am about that.

Now to start packing...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Money Money Money

Our house appraisal is set for Monday! WOOOO!
We are WAY ahead of schedule and are so excited that we could be moving a couple weeks before out actual closing deadline date. Woohoo!
Now we just need to find some good smoke dectectors, strap in that good ole water heater, and put in some GFCI outlets in the kitchen... We'll see if the FHA inspector finds anything we have to do.

Also, I just paid for graduation! I always complained that we had to pay the school (again) to graduate even though we've been paying tuition and such. But today when I paid, I did not care. I decided it was a small fee just so I could feel accomplished. So I'll pay the $30 for a cap, gown, and a piece of paper with my name on it. What the hey...


Can you tell I'm excited?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We are so excited to share that we will be buying a home soon! We put an offer in on a house last Monday and our offer was accepted the next morning! We are sooo excited!!!

We had our inspection done this past Saturday, and it went pretty decently. There are some minor things that need to be done, and then some bigger things that we'll need to start saving up for.

Our home will be quite empty until we save up for the furniture we want, but it will be our home. We are so excited for this new journey we've started. Soon we'll have to put up a cheesy picture of us in front of our house with the sold sign!

CAN'T WAIT!!!! We'll keep you updated! :D

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year for growth!

This new year is going to be a good one. Wanna know the main reason why???


Be excited with me! Do a happy dance!
I have been waiting and waiting. I was starting to think that school was just a perpetual thing that just keeps going on and on until forever. But the end is in sight! It is within my reach! Only a few more months! I'm pumped!

I have lots of pictures from days of old that I haven't posted, and they probably won't get posted because it will be one of those weird catch up blogs about things that I hardly remember. So I'm not going to worry about it. But some were kinda funny.

So I thought I'd talk about my goals for the year. My mom and I decided to do some weight losing with each other. Ten pounds by the end of February. I know I can do it -- people have lost more faster than that. But I've never actively tried to lose weight, so this is a whole new concept for me. Also, my main goal for the year is to get healthier. So here they are specifically...

1. Drink more water.
2. Exercise at least 3 times per week.
3. Eat more apples. [I'm still trying to decide if I should set a number, because eating just three would be an improvement from last year...]

I just added that last one to get me excited and motivate me for graduation. HOLLER!!!

So there they are. They are simple and not complex, which is exactly what I need. If it gets too complex I give up because it's not easy. So I'm starting off easy. And I must say, I have exercised once already...AND it was EARLY this morning. THAT is a big deal. And I have already eaten one apple this year. Two more and I will have beaten last year's record! Haha. But I'm pulling for more like a few a week.

Anyway, I'm going for the whole, "I put this out there for everyone to see and I'll be responsible to others to prove I am doing it" idea.

So watch out Ogden, Utah! Here I come...eatin' up all your apples!