Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This is LITERALLY all we have been doing lately. For some strange reason we decided to take summer classes to try and get our degree quicker. But most of the summer classes are the same amount of work crammed into 7 weeks, or about 1/2 a semester. So we have been going IN-SANE trying to fit in all the reading, paper writing, and test taking. It's nuts.

See that little letter right above my books? ^^^^ In the right upper corner of the table? Yeah - that's my letter from the university president saying I got on the honor roll for last semester. I'm proud...I won't lie. Steve would have gotten one as well if his teacher hadn't lost his final project and marked him down for "turning it in late"...

Steve being very studious. And silently going nuuuuts...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Absolute delight

I had the MOST DELIGHTFUL surprise yesterday!!! You will never believe it. I found a place, just a few minutes from our house, that sells the Vanilla Bun! The most delicious candy bar EVERRR!!!
If you haven't had this, go to that old-fashioned Farr's ice cream place across from the grocery store on Washington. Then buy one. Then enjoy! If you end up hating it, bring it to me to finish! What a fantastic surprise. I never thought I would find one in Utah.

Steve and I were taking a break from our hectic homework schedule by growing mustaches. ;)

A couple weeks ago we went to The Pizzeria..Pizzaria... I'm not sure which way is correct. But we decided to try their chicken alfredo pizza. It. Was. Delicious. So I decided to make my own a few nights ago. And... it. was. delicious. I was very proud that I made something really good that is a play off of 2 of my favorite foods - chicken alfredo and pizza. YUM!

Steve even asked for seconds! That means he liked it too!

Despite the insanity that is our life right now, we still find a little bit of time to enjoy the little things. Especially now that it is warm outside! Hooray!

Monday, May 9, 2011

It's the cheesiest

The One & Only: Macaroni

It's interesting to think at 23
I am still crazy about thee.
I'll think about you all day long
Until I just burst out in song!
A childhood love so good and pure,
This will last, I'm very sure.
You help me through my picky eating,
This love will not be fleeting.
I'll cook you up and put you in a bowl
Because your cheesy goodness feeds my soul.
Oh the cheese! So warm and yummy!
You fully fill my empty tummy!
I cannot wait until next time we meet.
I can only imagine it will be SO sweet!
A yummy dish for all to enjoy.
I almost love you as much as my boy.
At 23, such a simple treat.
You warm me from my head to my feet.
I love you Mac N Cheese -- you are the best.
You are simply better than all the rest.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some special ladies

Mother, I love you.

Mother, I do.

Father in Heaven has sent me to you.

When I am near you,

I like to hear you

Singing so softly that you love me too.

Mother, I love you, I love you, I do.

Of course I need to express our love and appreciation to our mothers today. And I chose my favorite mother's day primary song to do it.

I'm so grateful for all the things we learned from our mothers' examples. They taught us how to be courageous, loving, and cheerful.

I'm grateful for Vicki and how she raised such a wonderful son, so I could marry him! She is an ever-enduring woman of faith, and she continues to amaze me.

I'm grateful for Melody and her best-friendness growing up, even if I was a snot. I'm especially proud of my mom right now for being a seminary teacher, because I know I inherited her lack of of being a morning person. ;)

And I'm grateful for all mothers that we are related to and that we aren't related to. You all do such an important job, and I'm so glad I have amazing examples to learn from everyday.


[I was going to crop me and Grant out of that picture with Steve's mom, but I figured I'd leave Grant in since his birthday is the same day. So happy birthday to Grant!]

Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring has finally sprung!

And I'm hoping it's here to stay!!!

We've been dying of constant cold all throughout April. [As seems to be the case with alot of people throughout the country...]

This week has been the first week of true warmth. It's been so exciting to not have to bring a jacket to school!!! Yes, we are going to school this summer. We are trying to plow through to the end! It's in sight.

Since the warmth of the new season is so delightful, I thought I would share some other things with you that I find absolutely delightful right now.

My favorite sandals.

Bright, painted toenails.


I remember when I was younger and I thought that dandelions were the most beautiful flower. My friends and I would pick bouquets at recess and give them to each other. Then we'd pick out all the petals and write on each other's hands and arms with the yellow from it. It was some good times.

Now I just enjoy picking them and singing, "mama had a baby and her HEAD popped off!" and pop its top off! That's fun too.

I also enjoy these "popcorn" trees that seem to be all over Utah. I never truly noticed them until this year. They are so fun to see because it actually looks like popcorn when you drive by.

I love our beautiful WSU campus as well. I'm sure there are prettier campuses, but I sure think ours is pretty! I love the fountain and our bell tower. Despite the constant construction that seems to plague our campus lately, it's awesome.

I feel like you all ought to know that I ate some of an apple all by myself today. I was proud because it didn't take any coaxing from anyone else. Yay! I had to document it for all to see.
And now you can all see my beautiful pre-ready face & hair. :)

I hope you are all able to find the little things to enjoy about life right now. It can be hard sometimes, but there are always good things around us.

I am thinking about and praying for Steve's brother who is in the hospital right now. I hope he continues to improve. We love you guys!


As you all may have heard, I just finished a community production of Oklahoma at the Terrace Plaza Playhouse. I was trying to satisfy my hankering to perform, and the auditions were at the perfect time, and it all just worked out! :) I was so excited to be back on stage!!!

I was a little bit nervous because all the practices and all the shows would stretch through an entire semester of school. I was just worried I would not have time or energy to do all my homework. But I learned alot about time management and got everything done on time. And I actually did a lot less procrastinating! Awww, I'm growing up!

Anyway, I wanted to show a few pictures from backstage with my friends. I obviously couldn't post all the pictures I wanted to, so I tried to just get a few group pictures up.

This is Erik, my show husband.

Here are a bunch of the girls, and Erik [who is doing the SPLITS right there, you just can't see it!]. The girl right next to me is one of our Laurie's in the show [the lead girl]. They were double cast.

Here are actually, alot of the same girls, and a few boys.

And again!

I had such a blast and made so many new friends!!! I am so glad I made the decision to do this show! Steve and I sacrificed quite a few date nights for me to do this, but we just improvised with date days. :) This was truly the lift I needed to satisfy my fix. I may have to get into another show at some point. Maybe in a year ish when they do Joseph!

This cast was OK!!!