Saturday, May 14, 2011

Absolute delight

I had the MOST DELIGHTFUL surprise yesterday!!! You will never believe it. I found a place, just a few minutes from our house, that sells the Vanilla Bun! The most delicious candy bar EVERRR!!!
If you haven't had this, go to that old-fashioned Farr's ice cream place across from the grocery store on Washington. Then buy one. Then enjoy! If you end up hating it, bring it to me to finish! What a fantastic surprise. I never thought I would find one in Utah.

Steve and I were taking a break from our hectic homework schedule by growing mustaches. ;)

A couple weeks ago we went to The Pizzeria..Pizzaria... I'm not sure which way is correct. But we decided to try their chicken alfredo pizza. It. Was. Delicious. So I decided to make my own a few nights ago. And... it. was. delicious. I was very proud that I made something really good that is a play off of 2 of my favorite foods - chicken alfredo and pizza. YUM!

Steve even asked for seconds! That means he liked it too!

Despite the insanity that is our life right now, we still find a little bit of time to enjoy the little things. Especially now that it is warm outside! Hooray!

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