Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 2015 Valentine Date

For the third year running, I made Hubs a date night booklet for one of his Christmas presents. Because we had the baby in December, I decided all the dates for 2015 better be very easy and at-home. There's only one where we could go out - our anniversary. And she'll be 8 months by then, so she could stay with someone for a couple hours. :)

This is one of our favorite traditions, and I'm so glad we do it every year. February's date this year was obviously for Valentine's Day. We made s'mores and watched a movie. We also continued our other Valentine's tradition of getting a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. Yum!

I used to make all the little descriptions for each of the dates. They all look just about the same, just using different colors. When I finished all of them, I printed them all on white cardstock. I still haven't connected them together...y'know how babies take up a lot of your time and energy? So I've yet to do that, but I'm just going to punch a hole in the top left corner and put some ribbon through to tie them all together.

Here's my really awesome phone picture of all our s'mores ingredients. We'll obviously have the ability to make s'mores for days considering there's only two of us. :) We ended up watching a movie I'd never heard of before called Stardust. If you haven't seen it, it's really fun and interesting. It's running on Netflix Instant right now. It was a pretty great romantic Valentine's movie without being too incredibly mushy.

We are so lucky our little Bubba is such a good sleeper. We were able to put her down for bed and have our date without interruption. And here she is wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!! We hope you had a good one!

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