Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm gettin' my creative on!

Well, I've kinda been scrapbooking alot lately trying to experiment with new techniques and learn new things... by making many mistakes. heehee. I always get so down on myself because I can't think of any layouts or ideas that are original. So I got a new scrapbook, and I decided it would be my experimental book where I would just go for it and try anything I wanted to try...and learn!

So tonight, I went for it!
And I made my most favorite-est-est page I have ever done in my life! I'm so excited! So I just wanted to show everyone the page I did, and I'm so excited I'm learning...even though I'm making mistakes. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random thoughts...

Well, these aren't necessarily in order, but they are events that have occurred in just the past little while. They are all wonderfully exciting in their own ways! :) So here is our ever-increasingly exciting life!

We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. It was truly wonderful, and soooo beautiful! And we got to see the Jordan River Temple while we were there, just down the hill. I'm so glad we had the chance to go!

Our voluntary Young Woman photog said she'd get the whole temple in. I guess she forgot how in the heat of the moment...

We went to a murder mystery party with Steve's sister and some of her friends. We had alot of fun! It was 50's style, so we got to dress up! I was Miss Kansas City, a beauty pageant winner. And Steve was Johnny Angel. Turns out, Miss Kansas City was the murderer! EEPS!

We went to one of Dallin's last T-ball games! They had a TONS of fun, I could totally tell. And Steve got this PERFECT picture of Dallin while he ran to first base. He has suuuuch a huge smile as he ran! I love it! I wish I knew how to crop it...maybe Monica can work her magic with it. It'd be sooo cute up close!

So on the 4th of July, Steve took me to the place he usually goes to to see the fireworks. Weber High...his old high school. (Or the bomb shelter, as he calls it. It has like only 2 winders in the whole school.) So we went, and Steve's sister and some of her friends came with us too. We went early to get a good spot to sit, and took phase ten to play. While we were playing, some loser high school kid was running backwards to catch a frisbee. Apparently he didn't realize that there were a few hundred other people there besides him.
My back was toward him, and he TOOOOTALLY trampled over me, and like, kicked me in the kidney. So this is a poor attempt to take a picture of my bruise...but my camera kiiinda stinks. It was much yellower than the picture shows.Speaking of my stinky camera...
I'm COMPLETELY ASTONDED with how well this picture came out, since I took it with MY camera. haha. But it was a beautiful sunset, and the flag had the perfect amount of breeze to make a cool picture. So I tried, and was pleasantly surprised! :)
Have a wonderful week!
I love my country! WOOOOO!!!