Friday, December 5, 2008

Rachael Ray called me yesterday!!!

So I go onto Rachael Ray's website just to look at some recipes to see if there's anything I can make that Steve and I would like.
Instead, I see a box that says, "upcoing shows" or something like that. And it said, "do you or someone you know have a weird habit? email us about it!" (Realize, I'm paraphrasing.)
So I am like, well I do'nt know if picky eating is a habit, but I'll email them anyway. Just tell about what I do and don't like and how me and Steve are trying to eat healthier, blah blah blah.
And of course, like, it's a tv show, I'm not expecting to even hear anything back at all. But ya never know.

So yesterday, I'm walking out of my 8:30 class and look at my phone and see that someone called and left a voicemail from a number I didn't know. And it was from a weird area code... (917 to be exact...but I didn't know that was New York.)
So I listen to the voicemail and once I hear the voice that says "I'm from the Rachael Ray show" I stopped dead in my tracks and couldn't move until the message was over. It stopped. I closed the phone and SPRINTED over to the institute where Steve was to tell him. Because he had been joking around about how I needed to check my email everyday and make sure they don't email me and I miss it.
I get to him and I'm like not able to talk because I just ran over there. And I'm horribly out of shape...I really didn't have to run that far. haha.
I called them back because they told me to. They asked me about what my email was about. I told them pretty much the same stuff. She said that I wasn't right for that segment, but to keep my eye on the website because there will be segments that will probably fit in with that and to email them again when I see it.
So no, we're not gonna be on the show...YET! Just you wait. We're totally gonna be on it. And win something for free. And then bring it back for my family that actually cooks! haha.

Cool huh?!?!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ok, this is totally confusing because the pictures are all over the place. And they're only supposed to be on the right. GRR! I don't get it sometimes.

This was me taking a picture of Steve's parents and they both made silly faces. But this was right AFTER they made the faces. But I thought it was still funny. :)
Then Jen is the accompianist for the choir she's in at Weber State. They're the alumni choir. But they are really good! They sang at Temple Square Sunday night.

There's JR Hopkins! Jeremy and Sarah will know who that is! He's in the glasses, second row, well the one to the right of the bald bald guy. And Jen's at the pianooo.

This is the choir. Woo. Can you see those trumpet things like sticking straight out of the organ thing above them. I'd never noticed that there before! It was cool!
(These last two pictures will not cooperate and I'm super ticked about it!)
This is Mary. We were secretly taking pictures of them. But then she saw. And smiled really pretty!

This is baby Kaydence! The newest niece. It's Steve's brother's daughter. She's a little cutie, so we had to take a picture of her in her little hat and mittens!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Now it's time for Christmas time!!!

So the day after Thanksgiving, Steve and I decided to take the gift cards we have left from our wedding to go Christmas tree shopping. And we didn't leave to go shopping until like 11 or so. We went to compare a few different prices on trees and found a 6 and a 1/2 foot tree at Walmart for $35. So we got it. We figure we don't be in a place big enough for a big big tree for a while anyway. So it was a good deal. And the tree was pre-lit, which was also a good deal! Steve's parents got us blue and silver ornaments, so we didn't have to worry about those. But we found a star we liked and all. So here's some pictures from that day and all the fun we had! :)

This is when we found our awesome $35 tree and star. Well, the star wasn't $35...This was a HUGE teacup that was saw. But the teacup didn't come off the saucer. But it would've been like 203 times cooler if it did come off!We're so excited to have our tree!!! WOO!Steve has like the same face in the next two pictures. Steve tried to put on the star. But it was way too heavy. So we have no idea how we'll put it up there to stay. So that's why it's not in any of the rest of the pictures. This is a Jazz ornament that we got because, of course, Steve looooves the Jazz. WOO JAZZ!!!

So this is the finished product. But it seems to dark and not very festive yet. So I told Steve we should make a popcorn garland to put on it. So we're going to for a date/FHE soon. :)

So there was our decorating adventures!!!

Thanksgiving Time!!!

I love Thanksgiving! Even though I grew up with the whole chinese food instead of turkey. I'm diggin' the turkey instead. Mostly because I actually like turkey!!! :)

But here's a few pictures...that really don't show much about Thanksgiving. They're just pictures I took ON Thanksgiving. So enjoy! :)

These first pictures are from Steve's Aunt Nancy's Thanksgiving celebration. I was glad to meet a side of the family I hadn't met yet. It was fun times!!!

This is their dog named Diggy! He was so tiny! and they put this sweater on him and then he was Super-diggy!!!! So cuuuute!
Then we played Family Fued on TV. Our team was totally winning! But then they definitely took the lead. And we waaay lost! But that was fun too.
But then Steve's shoulder was hurting so he wouldn't smile for the picture. But then he smiled finally!!!

These pictures are from Monica's house Thanksgiving! Which, good story about how her oven totally caught on fire. Definitely read it! Even though only like 3 people read this. haha!

Maggie. This was the third take. And I thought it was cuuuute. Her mouth was full of olives, just so you know.

This is Dallin doing like, somersaults on a chair. I kept tickling him, and he eventually started saying, "Don't you dare tiiickle me." So of course, I kept doing it!!!

So that's a bag of crackers that Miles threw to get back on the table. But when he threw it, it like balanced on the other bag of crackers. It was awwwesome! So I wanted a picture of it!

So I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. I did! Steve and I ate ALOT! And Steve claims that he was full from it the next day too, all day! haha.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Utah drivers


I've been cut off 3 times this week by drivers that don't care enough about their lives and their children's lives to look before they turn out in front of me! HELLO!??! WOULD YOU LIKE TO DIE TODAY? And it really truly does make me irritable for the rest of the day. Not cool. Ok, maybe only a couple hours after. But still, not cool.

There is no room for uncoolness in my life, thank you very much!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Carbon Monoxide YESSSS

Wow I am just a posting fiend lately. Kinda. haha.

Ok, so last night right after McCain's speech, we hear beeping and then a super calm women saying, "carbon monoxide. carbon monoxide." I was like, uuuh what? So we turned it off. Opened some windows and I called Monica.

Conversation, paraphrased and probably misquoted:
Me: Hi Monica! Question...if our carbon monoxide detector is going that a worthy cause to call the police?
Mon: Yesss.
Me: Ok, I'll go do that then. THANKS!

So we called the po-po. (Which was exciting because I've never done that before! Except Steve did it because he is the man of the house...and I was too scared.) So they got there REALLY fast. I was actually really surprised. So two sheriffs stood outside with us until the fire dept found our apartment. (Apparently alot of people have trouble finding out place. It's weirdly placed where we are.) So they found it. Had some carbon monoxide in there. The one guy said, "It's not at a lethal level. But it could have become lethal had you been in there like a week or so with it that way." So we weren't too worried about it at all.

Then they had us hang out at our downstiars neighbor's place for almost an hour to wait for the questar gas man to come and check it out because his "air-sniffer" is better than theirs, as he said it. The gas man came and said his reading was actually much worse than what the fireman found. Thought to self: AWWWESOME...
Then they procede to tell us, "Good news: you can stay in your apartment. Bad news: you won't have any heating. Your landlord has to replace it because there's a crack in a chamber that's leaking." Of course he used more technical terms.

Soooo this morning was AWFUL getting ready! The heater must also affect the water heater thinger. Because I'm like, "oh a chance at warmth this morning!" Because it's really cold yesterday and today. I turn up the shower to really hot. I get in and it's about lukewarm. Thought to self: AWWWWESOME...
So then I'm shivering in the shower and hating my current state of life and then I get out...HOLY COWS! I mean, I hate being cold to start off with. But then getting out of the shower was like, DEATH!

Now I have to call the landlord and make him actually come down to our apartment to fix something! Heaven forbid! We haven't even met our landlord and I've lived there since MAY! MAAAAY!!! We've only met the maintenance man. And we've left multiple messages about our broken carport light, porch light, and the leftover sandbags from when our washer leaked all over our kitchen floor and bubbled the linoleum (sp?) and carpet. Yet, no one comes...ever. Thought to self: AWWWWESOME ...

That's the story of my current life. If you have never heard the washer leaking story, I'll be glad to update you on that one too. Just let me know! :) Thank you for listening!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

We love autumn!

Sorry about the whole, never posting thing. And unfortunately this one will be short. But I'm always on school computers because we dont' have the internet yet. Sorry! I'll try to remember more often!
But we got so GREAT pictures of our halloween costumes. Well just our faces. These are from the Institute Halloween Dance. We went late and left early because we only knew a few people! Many of our friends are getting married and don't go anymore! haha!

So enjoy our creepy pictures! :)
I tried to rotate them several times. i don't fully understand steve's computer. :( Sorry!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, we went to an Indians baseball game and had fun. The kids didn't really care about anything until the fireworks after the game. But I had fun taking pictures of everyone!
Here's us...crossing the street...
Oh and in case you didn't know, me and Rachel are totally best friends now!

Jacob: eating fries.
Lynnette & Rachel: BFFs!!!
Brayden: who agreed to be my slave in Utah and live in my spare room. I'm still waiting for his flight out here!
Woo baseball!
David: And so you know, he's not looking in the direction of the game. Maybe the left fielder?

Rachel: drinking from a cup as large as her head.
This is the guy that me and Stefanie decided was the cutest guy playing. For realz.
Brayden: eating his ice cream soup.

Brayden & Rachel: licking the salt off my peanut shells. But neither would actually eat the peanuts...

Lynnette & Stefanie! And Brayden!!! We love baseball! ... kind of...

Arkansas, Arkansas, I just love ole Arkansas

HELLO! I have not, in fact, fallen off the face of the earth.
Ok, so here's my life in Arkansas. It was boring when I was home alone because I didn't have anywhere to go or any friends to see.
So mom did go to some really cool places!
Here, we went to a large cat refuge. It was really cool to be so close to lions and tigers! And other animals too!

Just chillin out, yo!!

And of course, they had a guard duck to keep all the tigers safe! What else to be scary in the front of the refuge?!

Then we went to girls camp with the girls in my mom's ward. Here's a picture of all of us! We had lots of fun...

Ever since I figured out the whole french braiding hair game, I have loved braiding people's hair! And once they found out I could do it, pretty much half the girls asked me to do their hair. And like, all but 2 of the girls were having me braid their hair by the end of the week. But I love doing it, so it was ok!!!

Clearly...I love camping... No really. I do.
And we have a river to swim in. Only a tiny bit nasty!!!

And sorry it's sideways. It wasn't when I saved it on the computer. Lame. But this was one of the girls. Her name is courtney. And she didn't want to take a shower in the bathrooms at the camp, so she shampooed and conditioned in the river. Then showed us her cute new hair do!

Awe, that's cute... My legs are glowing.
Yes. We all slept in tents.

Then this one time, mom was showing me these cows that are having tests done of them. It was weird. But here was a picture. So apparently, they put like, some....stuff in those circle things. And then I guess they see what happens to the cows.
Kinda sad. But since I knew all the technical terms, I thought I'd tell ya about it!

So that was part of my summer in Arkansas. :) It was a grand ole time!