Monday, December 1, 2008

Now it's time for Christmas time!!!

So the day after Thanksgiving, Steve and I decided to take the gift cards we have left from our wedding to go Christmas tree shopping. And we didn't leave to go shopping until like 11 or so. We went to compare a few different prices on trees and found a 6 and a 1/2 foot tree at Walmart for $35. So we got it. We figure we don't be in a place big enough for a big big tree for a while anyway. So it was a good deal. And the tree was pre-lit, which was also a good deal! Steve's parents got us blue and silver ornaments, so we didn't have to worry about those. But we found a star we liked and all. So here's some pictures from that day and all the fun we had! :)

This is when we found our awesome $35 tree and star. Well, the star wasn't $35...This was a HUGE teacup that was saw. But the teacup didn't come off the saucer. But it would've been like 203 times cooler if it did come off!We're so excited to have our tree!!! WOO!Steve has like the same face in the next two pictures. Steve tried to put on the star. But it was way too heavy. So we have no idea how we'll put it up there to stay. So that's why it's not in any of the rest of the pictures. This is a Jazz ornament that we got because, of course, Steve looooves the Jazz. WOO JAZZ!!!

So this is the finished product. But it seems to dark and not very festive yet. So I told Steve we should make a popcorn garland to put on it. So we're going to for a date/FHE soon. :)

So there was our decorating adventures!!!

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  1. I love your tree!!! Jeremy and I had a popcorn and cranberry garland for several years. It is fun and then you have bird food after Christmas!!! Looks like fun. Love you.


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