Friday, December 5, 2008

Rachael Ray called me yesterday!!!

So I go onto Rachael Ray's website just to look at some recipes to see if there's anything I can make that Steve and I would like.
Instead, I see a box that says, "upcoing shows" or something like that. And it said, "do you or someone you know have a weird habit? email us about it!" (Realize, I'm paraphrasing.)
So I am like, well I do'nt know if picky eating is a habit, but I'll email them anyway. Just tell about what I do and don't like and how me and Steve are trying to eat healthier, blah blah blah.
And of course, like, it's a tv show, I'm not expecting to even hear anything back at all. But ya never know.

So yesterday, I'm walking out of my 8:30 class and look at my phone and see that someone called and left a voicemail from a number I didn't know. And it was from a weird area code... (917 to be exact...but I didn't know that was New York.)
So I listen to the voicemail and once I hear the voice that says "I'm from the Rachael Ray show" I stopped dead in my tracks and couldn't move until the message was over. It stopped. I closed the phone and SPRINTED over to the institute where Steve was to tell him. Because he had been joking around about how I needed to check my email everyday and make sure they don't email me and I miss it.
I get to him and I'm like not able to talk because I just ran over there. And I'm horribly out of shape...I really didn't have to run that far. haha.
I called them back because they told me to. They asked me about what my email was about. I told them pretty much the same stuff. She said that I wasn't right for that segment, but to keep my eye on the website because there will be segments that will probably fit in with that and to email them again when I see it.
So no, we're not gonna be on the show...YET! Just you wait. We're totally gonna be on it. And win something for free. And then bring it back for my family that actually cooks! haha.

Cool huh?!?!


  1. I feel so proud to be related to you! Sniff, sniff, tears! I knew your strange eating habits would be good for something! ;)

  2. How FUNE! Your blog is sweet too, it will be fun bloggify...i don't think that is a word, but oh well :)


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