Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Time!!!

I love Thanksgiving! Even though I grew up with the whole chinese food instead of turkey. I'm diggin' the turkey instead. Mostly because I actually like turkey!!! :)

But here's a few pictures...that really don't show much about Thanksgiving. They're just pictures I took ON Thanksgiving. So enjoy! :)

These first pictures are from Steve's Aunt Nancy's Thanksgiving celebration. I was glad to meet a side of the family I hadn't met yet. It was fun times!!!

This is their dog named Diggy! He was so tiny! and they put this sweater on him and then he was Super-diggy!!!! So cuuuute!
Then we played Family Fued on TV. Our team was totally winning! But then they definitely took the lead. And we waaay lost! But that was fun too.
But then Steve's shoulder was hurting so he wouldn't smile for the picture. But then he smiled finally!!!

These pictures are from Monica's house Thanksgiving! Which, good story about how her oven totally caught on fire. Definitely read it! Even though only like 3 people read this. haha!

Maggie. This was the third take. And I thought it was cuuuute. Her mouth was full of olives, just so you know.

This is Dallin doing like, somersaults on a chair. I kept tickling him, and he eventually started saying, "Don't you dare tiiickle me." So of course, I kept doing it!!!

So that's a bag of crackers that Miles threw to get back on the table. But when he threw it, it like balanced on the other bag of crackers. It was awwwesome! So I wanted a picture of it!

So I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. I did! Steve and I ate ALOT! And Steve claims that he was full from it the next day too, all day! haha.

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