Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ok, this is totally confusing because the pictures are all over the place. And they're only supposed to be on the right. GRR! I don't get it sometimes.

This was me taking a picture of Steve's parents and they both made silly faces. But this was right AFTER they made the faces. But I thought it was still funny. :)
Then Jen is the accompianist for the choir she's in at Weber State. They're the alumni choir. But they are really good! They sang at Temple Square Sunday night.

There's JR Hopkins! Jeremy and Sarah will know who that is! He's in the glasses, second row, well the one to the right of the bald bald guy. And Jen's at the pianooo.

This is the choir. Woo. Can you see those trumpet things like sticking straight out of the organ thing above them. I'd never noticed that there before! It was cool!
(These last two pictures will not cooperate and I'm super ticked about it!)
This is Mary. We were secretly taking pictures of them. But then she saw. And smiled really pretty!

This is baby Kaydence! The newest niece. It's Steve's brother's daughter. She's a little cutie, so we had to take a picture of her in her little hat and mittens!!!

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