Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday at the Saunders cabin up in Idaho. I wish I had taken some pictures to put on here. But we had alot of fun. I'm glad I married Steven and his entire giant family. Now I can have the stereotypically huge LDS family. :) We spent the night on Wednesday night to be there in the morning. And we had a ginormous feast! It was alot of fun.

Then we came home and had Monica over for soup and A Christmas Story. I'm also glad for my small immediate family that is so relaxed and close. I get the best of both worlds! Even though it's harder since we all live so far apart. If only teleportation was possible! :)

So, obviously, this year we are so thankful for family. In all shapes, sizes, colors, and arrangements. We love you all! You all make our life wondrous!
Also, I've been sooo appreciating flushing toilets, electricity, and heating this year! I don't know why--But I've just realizing how much it truly is a blessing, and how much harder we would have it back in the day. we went shopping. On black Friday.
Now, I'm not always a fan of shopping any day really. But especially on black friday. All the crowds, and all the horror stories I've heard totally just turn me off to the whole idea. But Steve got off work early, and there were a few things we wanted for decorations. So around lunch time we decided to take the Back Friday adventure. And it really wasn't that bad. Luckily, nothing we needed was in the electronics. That's where the REAL crowds were. Just looking at all of them over there made me queasy. But we got some good stuff and some good deals! :)

Including this flannel sheet set!!! I fell in love with it once I saw it! And it was on sale! And we've been super cold in our apartment lately, so we're really excited for these to keep us warm!!!

And when we got home for the evening, we put up our Christmas tree. Usually I try to wait until At least the 1st of December. But since we were home already, WHY NOT!? And so we put up our new ornaments, and garland. Lots of fun! WEEE I love Christmas!

And here's the more lit up idea...

Well, I certainly love the holidays and can't wait to start making our Christmas cards! :)
Hope you're all having a wonderful start to your holiday season!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

{ Scented Candle }

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! :)