Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Arkansas, Arkansas, I just love ole Arkansas

HELLO! I have not, in fact, fallen off the face of the earth.
Ok, so here's my life in Arkansas. It was boring when I was home alone because I didn't have anywhere to go or any friends to see.
So mom did go to some really cool places!
Here, we went to a large cat refuge. It was really cool to be so close to lions and tigers! And other animals too!

Just chillin out, yo!!

And of course, they had a guard duck to keep all the tigers safe! What else to be scary in the front of the refuge?!

Then we went to girls camp with the girls in my mom's ward. Here's a picture of all of us! We had lots of fun...

Ever since I figured out the whole french braiding hair game, I have loved braiding people's hair! And once they found out I could do it, pretty much half the girls asked me to do their hair. And like, all but 2 of the girls were having me braid their hair by the end of the week. But I love doing it, so it was ok!!!

Clearly...I love camping... No really. I do.
And we have a river to swim in. Only a tiny bit nasty!!!

And sorry it's sideways. It wasn't when I saved it on the computer. Lame. But this was one of the girls. Her name is courtney. And she didn't want to take a shower in the bathrooms at the camp, so she shampooed and conditioned in the river. Then showed us her cute new hair do!

Awe, that's cute... My legs are glowing.
Yes. We all slept in tents.

Then this one time, mom was showing me these cows that are having tests done of them. It was weird. But here was a picture. So apparently, they put like, some....stuff in those circle things. And then I guess they see what happens to the cows.
Kinda sad. But since I knew all the technical terms, I thought I'd tell ya about it!

So that was part of my summer in Arkansas. :) It was a grand ole time!

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