Monday, May 5, 2008

Pictures of my ideas for mom and the fam to see.

This was my first dream for a cake. And I still really really like it. I of course didn't want this exact one, but like, the dr. seuss crooked but still awesome sort of feel. But I do like the shape of this cake. It's so much fun!

I saw this cake online randomly one day and I fell in love with it! If I chose a cake like this, I'd just have it be light blue instead of yellow. But I absolutely LOVE reese's cups, so I thought this would be adorable!!! And tasty!

So maybe if I could combine the two cakes somehow. haha. I don't know, we'll see what I come up with the next couple weeks!

Well, I tried to find wedding florists and I'm just gonna have to call some places becuase so far, all the places I've seen online are kinda lame. But maybe I just have to go in or something and ask them what they can do. I don't know. Whatever.

We're moving my stuff into an apartment tomorrow. It's the apartment we're gonna be living in, it's in Washington Terrace...not that that means anything to anyone, except like, Sarah. But it's cute, I think. I think it's a good deal for what we get. So, we're super excited!

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  1. you could so easily combine those cakes. just stick reese cups on the first one. I like it.


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