Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, we went to an Indians baseball game and had fun. The kids didn't really care about anything until the fireworks after the game. But I had fun taking pictures of everyone!
Here's us...crossing the street...
Oh and in case you didn't know, me and Rachel are totally best friends now!

Jacob: eating fries.
Lynnette & Rachel: BFFs!!!
Brayden: who agreed to be my slave in Utah and live in my spare room. I'm still waiting for his flight out here!
Woo baseball!
David: And so you know, he's not looking in the direction of the game. Maybe the left fielder?

Rachel: drinking from a cup as large as her head.
This is the guy that me and Stefanie decided was the cutest guy playing. For realz.
Brayden: eating his ice cream soup.

Brayden & Rachel: licking the salt off my peanut shells. But neither would actually eat the peanuts...

Lynnette & Stefanie! And Brayden!!! We love baseball! ... kind of...

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