Monday, May 9, 2011

It's the cheesiest

The One & Only: Macaroni

It's interesting to think at 23
I am still crazy about thee.
I'll think about you all day long
Until I just burst out in song!
A childhood love so good and pure,
This will last, I'm very sure.
You help me through my picky eating,
This love will not be fleeting.
I'll cook you up and put you in a bowl
Because your cheesy goodness feeds my soul.
Oh the cheese! So warm and yummy!
You fully fill my empty tummy!
I cannot wait until next time we meet.
I can only imagine it will be SO sweet!
A yummy dish for all to enjoy.
I almost love you as much as my boy.
At 23, such a simple treat.
You warm me from my head to my feet.
I love you Mac N Cheese -- you are the best.
You are simply better than all the rest.


  1. The one thing that kept your body alive. It's Rachel's favorite food, but I can't stand it! It's a good thing everyone has different tastes.

    Nice poem by the way! It's a good thing you're not letting your education go to waste!!!

  2. So fun to see some new posts! I'm glad I got to see some pics from your play, and I agree that WSU has a beautiful campus. Pretty much the most beautiful time of year right now!

    I like mac and cheese as well here at 29 years, but I dig the whole grain version since I figure it's a bit better for me and my kiddos. I actually like it better than the reg. You should try it! Your poem was awesome by the way.

    And so do you not like apples or what?


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