Friday, May 6, 2011


As you all may have heard, I just finished a community production of Oklahoma at the Terrace Plaza Playhouse. I was trying to satisfy my hankering to perform, and the auditions were at the perfect time, and it all just worked out! :) I was so excited to be back on stage!!!

I was a little bit nervous because all the practices and all the shows would stretch through an entire semester of school. I was just worried I would not have time or energy to do all my homework. But I learned alot about time management and got everything done on time. And I actually did a lot less procrastinating! Awww, I'm growing up!

Anyway, I wanted to show a few pictures from backstage with my friends. I obviously couldn't post all the pictures I wanted to, so I tried to just get a few group pictures up.

This is Erik, my show husband.

Here are a bunch of the girls, and Erik [who is doing the SPLITS right there, you just can't see it!]. The girl right next to me is one of our Laurie's in the show [the lead girl]. They were double cast.

Here are actually, alot of the same girls, and a few boys.

And again!

I had such a blast and made so many new friends!!! I am so glad I made the decision to do this show! Steve and I sacrificed quite a few date nights for me to do this, but we just improvised with date days. :) This was truly the lift I needed to satisfy my fix. I may have to get into another show at some point. Maybe in a year ish when they do Joseph!

This cast was OK!!!

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