Friday, October 18, 2013

Harry Potter Halloween : Front Door

Well, something happened today. It all happened so fast! I could barely believe my eyes when I saw that the project was done and I loved it so much!!

Can you believe it?! And it looks so fun! I thought I would hate it with just the red paint. I thought I would have to get all artist-y on it and do shading and use browns and darker reds to bring dimension to the bricks. HA! Gotchya bricks! Plain old red works great for me! BAM!

I got 3 yards of the brown butcher paper and drew on some light lines with a pencil. I knew if I just free-handed the bricks, they would go all crooked and skeewhompus. And who wants crookedy bricks? Not this lady.

All my bricks. I did make them different heights and widths. I knew they would not be the same, no matter what I did, short of drawing each brick on before painting it. And I wasn't even considering that.

Then I had big letter stencils for the sign. I used a sharpie. I did have to freehand the numbers, and I think they turned out pretty great considering my terrible drawing skills.

Total cost:
$1.50 for 3 yards of butcher paper


What a great way to spend my Fall Break afternoon. :)

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