Friday, October 4, 2013

For Peace at Home (and in my heart)

I am so happy that I am blessed to have the love of Christ in my home. As I re-listened to this talk this morning, I was reminded of where my home and heart should be centered.

I know I will learn more about centering my life on Christ this weekend.

"Greater peace will come as you couple your efforts to be obedient with serving those around you. So many individuals who have what they perceive to be meager talents humbly and generously use those talents to bless the lives of those around them. Selfishness is the root of great evil. The antidote for that evil is exemplified in the life of the Savior. He shows us how to focus our lives outward in unselfish service to others."
Elder Richard G. Scott
For Peace at Home
April 2013 General Conference 

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  1. I read this talk yesterday and was inspired as well. So good. Get ready for more great stuff all weekend!!!


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