Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Here comes the bride...

Ok, so not really a bride. I just made a set of bunnies that are a bride and groom. Ever since I have made these cute spring bunnies, I have envisioned a bride and groom set. Because ... marriage + bunnies? How much more adorable can you get?? Not much, friends.

Here is my little bunny that is quite gentlemanly. With his top hat rolled up and between his ears he looks like he should be on an old BBC show or something. So cute. Maybe I should add a little mustache...?

Here my is my little bride/fancy princess-looking bunny. And this gave me the idea to do princess bunnies. Good idea, right?!

And here is the happy bunny couple! I have a friend getting married this year that likes bunnies. So I told her I'd make a set for her and she can see how she likes them. We thought they'd be cute centerpieces or cake toppers.

These will definitely be appearing in my store. I've set a date on my calendar to shoot for as far as opening my store. My sister and I will both be selling items. More info on that soon!


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