Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Date Night

I'm sharing our latest free date night. It was super cheesy - figuratively and literally. As I mentioned in my post about the 12 dates of 2014, I made all of the dates this year free - or free if you don't have to buy snacks or materials ... so maybe they're like 98% free.

Anyway, the date for the month of March was to make a blanket fort, make some fun snacks, and watch a fun "kids" movie. I put "kids" in quotes because some of the so-called "kids" movies are our favorites.

We made our fort - and it was pretty great. We had small vice grip things, so we used those to tie yarn to the sheet and pull it tight so we could see the TV. The treadmill is holding up the back. I wish there had been a little more room so I could lay on my stomach to watch the movie, but it was still fun.

We also made some new treats. We made some pretzel bites (flavored in parmesan and cinnamon), some garlic chicken puffs, cheesy bread, and some chips and dip. It was so yummy and so not good for us, but it was date night, so no worries, right?!

I got the recipe for the garlic chicken puffs here on I was actually pretty surprised that I liked these as much as I did. The only thing we changed was that we added some more chicken to the chicken/cream cheese mix because I don't like really creamy textures that much.

I got the recipe for the pretzel bites here on Next time I'll follow the directions more carefully. But these were great with some cheese dip. And the cinnamon sugar flavor was YUMMY for just a little bit of dessert.

I hope you've been having some good date nights!
Next time I'll take better pictures, promise.

What has been your favorite free date night?

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