Sunday, February 9, 2014

The 12 Dates of 2014

I just realized (again) that I haven't shared our new 12 Dates of 2014 tradition!! Duh! I shared the date from January, but not the book I made.

So, now presenting: The 12 Dates of 2014!!

This year I went with a much simpler layout. This was for a couple reasons. 1) Last year I made cute little ticket invitations for each date, and I probably only used them to "invite" Steve to the fun date once. So I got rid of those. 2) I procrastinated a little bit. ;D

Also, this year I made all the dates free. We are saving up all the money we can for upcoming family trips, choir trips, new windows (and many other home projects), and to actually have a savings if/when it is needed. Because the dates are free, some of them are pretty cheesy. Oh well! We're saving money, right?! I used or adapted a lot of ideas from again this year.

I'm hoping to remember to keep sharing our fun and free date nights with you!! I'll share each date later on. But if you need ideas, have a million ideas! Go check out their extensive list and variety!

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