Sunday, February 23, 2014

Take A Moment...

Sometimes I have to take a moment. Do you do that?

Since the New Year, I have felt that our lives have increased in extra activities. It's been weird. I'm used to having weeknights pretty free. But suddenly, nearly every night has some sort of activity inside or outside our home planned.

Because of this, I have needed to learn and remember to take a moment.

The stress and busy-ness get to me really quick. I am pretty introverted, so being around a lot of people constantly wears me out - so much. I get stressed, tired, and frazzled. And sometimes I forget who I am.

This last week especially, I have had to ponder on how we are children of God. So I take a moment, ponder, and remember that I am a child of God. He loves me. I don't do this willy-nilly. I sit and really imagine Him with me, comforting me, and listening to my stories. He truly loves me. When I do this simple thing for just a few moments, I regain some eternal perspective. I remember why I'm here and what I'm striving for.

So, take a moment. Remember who you are. Remember you are a child of God. You really are.

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