Thursday, June 20, 2013

Painting the day away

So my mom came to visit from Indiana, and I obviously put her to work while she was here! She so lovingly agreed to help me paint my living room/dining area/hallway/entryway. And the reason I have to ask her to help me whenever she is here is because my dear hubby does not enjoy painting AT ALL.

So here are all the paint colors I was trying out. I ended up using the one that is like, right in the middle of all the colors. I won't tell you the entire story of how I chose the colors. I wanted a gray color. But I wasn't opposed to it having a blue tint. But I didn't want it to be TOO blue (like the color second from the left).

This is the biggest area of the house, and it's all connected. So I can't just paint part of it. I was very intimidated to start the project. But I did it - with my wondrous mom's help.

Here are some before pictures:
(I had to paint sample colors all over the walls because the light is so different all over where I was painting. So it looked a little ridiculous for a while, but it helped.)

Look at that form!!

You can see the new white on the ceiling and the old tan color that was painted EVERYWHERE in our house - baseboards, ceilings, bookcases, railings, EVERYTHING!!!

Good thing we had my awesome hubby that was still willing to help us on the parts that mom and I were too scared to do on the ladder. Mom was nervous and hovered over him most of the time he was painting.

I got brave enough to paint the walls in the entry.

I just realized that I don't have a legitimate "after" picture of the painting. So when I get everything back in place, then I'll post that.

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