Friday, June 21, 2013

The ceiling fan

There is a fan over our dining area, and here is what the fan blades looked like:
The person that lived here previously was apparently a smoker. Seeing that shadow of the white that the blades used to be really grossed me out. So I cleaned the blades as best as I could and suddenly decided I was going to paint them!! It was totally spur of the moment at the end of the day when we were done with painting for the day.

So after cleaning them off (and being totally grossed out with the orange/brown crud that came off) I taped each blade a different pattern.

I didn't measure anything. Mom was freaking out about how not the same the lines were. So we agreed that I would make each blade a little different. I didn't care because I just wanted it to be a cool new quirky thing in my house.

I painted them the wall color (twice, to cover the gold flourish stuff). Then taped, them spray painted them black. But it was not looking so awesome, but my mom was thinking quick! She got a brush and brushed the spray paint so it was all evenly black. And it wasn't really for wood, so I was afraid it wouldn't dry. But it's just fan blades, right? So I wasn't too upset if I had to buy some more.

BUT - they turned out pretty shaweet!!

And they make a really cool psychadelic [sp?] pattern when I turn it on. LOVE IT.
Next goal: put lights on our fan so we not eat in the dark.

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