Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Date

Here is a picture of me and Steve before we went on our Valentine's date. We went to Steph's. It's just a burger place that is in Morgan. It was really cool. And we know the owner, so that basically rocked!
We had alot of fun!
Then we came back to my apartment and watched Indiana Jones, The Temple of Doom.

And lately Steve has been teaching me I Am A Child of God in spanish. And I pretty much rock at it. And now I know it! YAY! I decided to teach him Sippin' Cider from girls' camp. haha. He enjoyed that song....

Here's us on NOT Valentine's Day. This was actually in the first semester when Steve took me down to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.
Clearly, we were SUPER excited about being at Temple Square! YAY!

K ummmm that's all I got for now. Especially since I have TONS of homework to do. PEACE!

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  1. Clearly excited about temple square! Very cute pics!!!


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