Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The 12 Dates of 2013

This year for Christmas we set a rough budget to spend on each other. After I felt I had spent enough I wanted to think of a gift for Steve that was something that wasn't a "thing." I had been on Pinterest (because I'll be honest and say that I am obsessed) and saw a few different ideas I liked:

I love the dating divas - they have so many cool ideas for date nights, that include going out or staying in. And you can adjust the ideas to whatever suits your time and liking.

So I just chose 12 of the dates that I thought sounded fun, adapted a few, and made a book out of scrapbook paper. I made little tickets for each date and then I added any explanation for the date on the page for the month. I made sure to leave room for any pictures we took on the date. Then I left the inside of the page open like pockets and used brown paper bags at pockets for pictures. Then I can also write details on the bag. I looooved it! And Steve enjoyed getting it. It was a really nice and cheap way to make sure we have at least one date night a month in our busy schedules.

Here is what it looked like:

Here is a picture from our first date in January to the Jazz Game. (This one was technically another one of Steve's Christmas gifts, so that was easy to plan.)

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