Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Steve's Eye Surgery

Well I think most of our friends/family know that Steve had surgery on his neck to remove some basal cell carcinoma (sp?). He got it removed with no problem at all. He had a "mole"ish looking thing on his eye and her dermatologist thought it was just a wart. But when they checked it, it was also the same thing. So we had a surgery scheduled for Steve to get everything removed from his eyelid, and then get his eyelid reconstructed. I have more pictures of this process that I need to find.


This was after the first part of the surgery where they just removed the cancer stuff. He had a big crater in his eye for a day.

He had surgery for his reconstruction the next day. He had to go to the surgical center and everything. He was there for a few hours, but he said the actual procedure only took about 30 minutes. But they just kind of folded a little bit of the eyelid above that hole over the hole they dug out.

He had a sweet black eye for a couple weeks, but it's all healed now. For now he's carcinoma-free! But we now know to keep checking on his (and my) skin.

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