Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow and ice

This winter has been quite snowy and interesting weather has happened that I don't usually see in Utah. Our new house is really good at fostering icecicles off the gutters...
These were on the back of our house and were about 3 feet long.

Here is the front of the house with more 3 foot long ice spears.

Then there was this death ice harpoon hanging outside our front door. Huge! And it got thicker a while after I took this picture.

Then we had an ice storm - which NEEEEVERRR happens around here. I had experienced something similar in Indy, but I don't even remember it being like this. It was IN-SANE. This was the day I was telling myself not to fall down the stairs, and I did anyway ... and the neighbor saw me. But I lived, don't worry!

Ice rink in the driveway

And we got a STINK LOAD of snow. I'm sure Utah has gotten this much snow before, but I was never really around to witness it. But it just seemed to dump on us all at once. A lot of shoveling our new driveway this winter.

The snow even hid the mailbox!

Needless to say, this winter was a very snowy and icy one. Our heater was also on the fritz. It would just stop working for a few hours, even though it was still turned on. Awesome. So we called and got it "fixed" on February 4. Then it stopped working for a whole day and they came back and hopefully actually fixed it the second time. We're just hoping we'll have the warranty when the heater actually dies...since it's pretty ancient already.

Happy winter everyone!!

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