Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Closet Curtain Doors

Well we've had these nasty orange wood sliding doors for our closets in our master bedroom - and I've always disliked them. I had been talking to Steve about either painting them, wallpapering them, or getting curtains to replace them - and he didn't object.
Well, long story short: One day I wanted to kick and punch things because of those STUUUUPID doors! They were just too much in the way. And I like to see my whole closet at one time. So I'm a diva. Sue me. In a fit of rage, I decided it was time for curtains instead of doors. I asked Steve to remove the doors, and he used his manly strength and did so easily.

Well, then I was left with looking at the unorganized, messy closets. Great. I did not think that through.

We got the curtains (white to be safe with future colors). Well they were a few inches too long. But thanks to my trusty new sewing machine, I could easily sew them to the correct length. Holla! And here are the new closet doors that I sewed and put up today. I still need to iron them. And when the rest of the bedroom colors are chosen and finalized, I plan to dip dye these or paint a stripe on them or something. We'll see what Pinterest persuades me to do later on.

Next project: actually organize the inside of the closets.  :)

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