Saturday, January 26, 2013

New year : New goals

I thought I'd share my "New Year Resolutions" with you. I tried to make them easy things that I can easily add to our daily lives. And I wanted to build on good things I've already started doing. I'm hoping this will help me feel more positive about my goals and not feel like a failure for forgetting something.

So, here are my goals for 2013.

-Keep a cleaner/more organized home. I'm not looking for perfection, just better than I'm doing already. I don't have a ridiculously messy home or anything. We are still unpacking/organizing certain parts of our house. There are just certain areas that are cluttered, and at times when our life gets a little busy we neglect our home a little bit. I hate when that happens because then even when we come home it's not a peaceful haven from the world. However, I am thankful that I even have a home to make a mess. ;)

-Make more lunches at home for us to take to work. A couple months ago we noticed that we had been spending a large amount of money on lunches/breakfasts at work. It was killing our budget. We discussed what we could do better. We basically came up with the idea that we needed to exercise more self-discipline. We also just needed to remember. About half of the week we would bring leftovers for lunch. The other half I would simply forget to grab something as I ran out the door and then I was starving at work. So we were already doing it half the time, just needed to work harder to remember it. And we've been doing pretty well so far.

-Keep doing the dinner meal plans each week. This is something we started in like Septemer or something. I can't remember. It was quite a while ago. But before that we'd get to dinner time and say to each other, "what do you want to make for dinner?" After a good 1/2 hour of "I don't know, what do you want?" we would finally decide on something. Then we would look at the recipe and wouldn't have any of the ingredients. So we either had to start the process over or go buy ingredients. So I started planning the next week's meals every Saturday or Sunday night. The Saturday before (or Monday night if we procrastinated) we go out and get the ingredients we'll need for the week if we don't already have them. This has decreased our stress soooo much and I'm so glad we did it. We can plan nights to go out, to eat leftovers, and try new recipes when I know I'll have time to care. The best part is that we've been doing it for months. So my goal is simply to continue doing it!

-Follow our stake goals: 1, 10, 15. Our stake presidency told us about some goals they wanted to work on as a stake. The number 1 stands for doing 1 Christian act per day. The number 10 stands for leaving for church meetings 10 minutes before they begin. (Out in Utah it seems that many people have problems coming to church on time, even though they live 3 minutes away or less. Drives. Me. Bonkers.) And the number 15 stands for reading/pondering/studying the scriptures for 15 minutes everyday. I'm excited about these goals and I think it will make a difference in what we do each day.

-Steve and I have taken the 15 minutes of studying scriptures each day as another goal together. We used to read together right before bed. Then, again, when it gets crazy with meetings and homework we would forget and go straight to sleep. So we are trying to find other times to read so we won't forget. We've been doing okay with it so far. We're still getting in the habit.

-Do something active to help me feel healthier. It's not a secret that I hate very much dislike exercising and eating right. Ew. So my secret is to find something I like, no matter what it is. Once I find something I like, it motivates me to do other things better: like eating less bad things, drinking more water, etc. So I started yoga this last week and I loved it. Last year it was zumba. It's more important for me to enjoy doing something than seeing results. Results are obviously awesome, but if I don't enjoy what I'm getting results out of, I don't even care. Steve and I are also going to start doing Just Dance on the Wii for a little activity each week. We are nerds, deal with it.

Aaaanyway, I think that it will be interesting to see how I feel about these goals. I could say that I'll update you about them, but I'll most likely forget to do that.

I hope you enjoyed setting new goals for the new year with your family. I'm hoping for an eventful year of 2013!!

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