Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rubberband vase design

I told you a while ago that I've recently been going through old pictures that I've downloaded. When I put them all on the computer, I wasn't so great at blogging regularly. Well now that I am, I'm going to share some more fun things that I've done in the past.

Our first Christmas as a married couple, one of Steve's extended families had a white elephant Christmas party. We ended up picking a vase - which was awesome because we had very few decorations for our new apartment. It was swell. Except that I wasn't so keen on the vase design. And I'm very sad now that I completely forgot to take a before picture.

It was kind of Native American-ish. It had a cool sunset on it with feathers all the way around. It was beautiful. It just didn't go with anything I had or would ever have. So I decided to paint it. This was probably my first DIY project ever in our new house. So I was enjoying it.

Here was the vase after the spray paint primer.

Then I decided to do the rubberband trick that we've seen all over Pinterest. You just paint the "see-through" color on the vase (or object). Then you put rubberbands in whatever design you want on the vase. You the spray paint the vase with your top color (I chose a shiny black). Then when it's dry you take off the rubberbands and enjoy your fun design!

I remember being worried that waiting for it to dry before taking off the rubberbands would ruin the paint around the rubberbands. But it turned out just fine -- as you can see. I loved it and we still have it...and I still like it.

I am glad I did it and that it turned out well. Sometimes these really small and quick DIY projects are the best because of the quick results. You get to enjoy your work right away. YESSS.

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