Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crafting into the wee hours of the morning

Every once in a while I am unable to sleep. I try reading books until I can't keep my eyes open, then I just lay there staring at the ceiling wondering how I'm not asleep. I try to force myself to keep my eyes shut until I fall asleep. Then I usually end up thinking about all the terrible things that could happen in my life. Once I'm in that place, I'm done for. I won't be sleeping for a while.

Soooo this situation happened last night.
Reading...reading...lay there and stare at the ceiling trying to be tired.
Shut my eyes for about 25 minutes...start imagining all the different car accidents that could happen in the morning. It's like a sickness! When I can't fall asleep I imagine terrible things happening to us!
Since I knew that my brain wasn't going to calm down after that little charade, I decided I might as well do something to get some energy out of my body.

So I insomnia crafted. I decided I'd make a mini-scrapbook to kind of document our first 5 years of marriage. I love when I get in these adamant crafting moods, because it's almost always when my favorite crafts happen. I don't care if it's perfect, and I don't care if every single things matches. I'm usually a perfectionist, so these moments are very rare.

Here is a peek at what I did. I think I chose some paper that just generally went together. At least in the moment I didn't think it looked too bad together. Again, not sure about that since I was insomnia crafting. I didn't really measure anything and just went with what looked good right away.

After seeing it this morning, I think I was getting my inspiration from this mini album on Studio Calico that I saw yesterday.

So far I like it. I'm hoping to get some picture printed soon. Then I can stick them in, finish some more decorating, and journal a bit. WOO for impulsive insomnia crafting.

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