Saturday, September 21, 2013

Answers to small prayers

When I was younger I always thought that Heavenly Father had some sort of line-up system of "Prayers to be Answered" on his to-do list for the day. I imagined that the really important prayers were given more priority because they were more life-altering or significant in the grand scheme of things. I thought the prayers were lined up, one by one, just waiting to be responded to and sent back to us with an answer.

If that were the case, I feel like many, many people would be waiting quite some time for answers to prayers. Because we have very important prayers, but we also have prayers that are seemingly insignificant or small. Or at least we think they are small. How long would we have to wait for our answer??

Fortunately, my thoughts were somewhat wrong, as many thoughts are when we are in our innocent years of being a youngster. Over the years I learned about God being everywhere all the time. He is All-Knowing and His knowledge and presence is everywhere. He is omnipotent.

Because of this all-knowing power that our Heavenly Father has, He is able to see every prayer as important. He knows my heart's desire and what I need in any moment. When I pray, he hears it immediately. It's important to Him. When I pray asking for something that seems insignificant, He hears it immediately. He doesn't say, "Wait one moment, dear, while I answer these millions of other prayers that are more important than yours." He says, "My dear, you are important to me and I hear you."

Now, I won't go into receiving answers to prayers because it makes this topic a bit more complicated. But if nothing else, I know Heavenly Father hears my prayers. He hears them and He will answer them. I know this because of the small and simple answers I have received in response to my small and simple prayers. He is listening to us and our prayers.

He loves us dearly and simply.

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  1. Rachel prays for you and Steve every day. It is so sweet.


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