Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spring cleaning/organizing updates

Earlier this year I made a goal list for spring cleaning/organizing. I wanted to update you on any progress or changes that have happened... because many have. I'll cross out the things I have done or have changed.

1. Weed/clean up flower beds (again)  This is never ending, and we finally gave up. We'll try again next year with Preen and stuff.
1a. Get the mulch and big flower pots for the flower beds  I decided against mulch this year. But I'm going for it next year. heehee.
1b. Actually plant flowers :)  I planted flowers in the pots, but not in the flower beds yet.

2. Organize our craft room and spare (guest) bedroom  I am in the process of organizing the craft room. It's looking much better. More to come on that soon.

3. Clean out/organize garage
3a. Make shelves in garage for storage bins

4. Make the tub into a shower in the pink potty
(Yeah, it's currently only a tub. So I want that functional for any guests so they don't have to go into our bedroom to shower.) This has been put off to save money for AC.

5. Start saving for/deciding on cabinets for kitchen Again, postponed until we get an AC.
5b. Put some cabinet doors back on

6. Paint upstairs living room/dining room (finally!!)  FINALLY AND IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!!  :D :D :D

7. Donate more clothes/shoes/accessories - really...

8. Finish painting the forgotten cabinet in the kitchen


Reading my list reminds me about my true dream of being the ultimately organized woman and wife in all the land.

We changed our priorities for what we are saving money for. After it started getting warm this spring, it got CRAZY HOT. Much worse than last year! So we decided to put all other savings on hold and save for an AC for next year. Holy Kansas we canNOT do another summer like this one!! Our swamp cooler simply couldn't keep up. 

We didn't get quite as much done this spring/summer as I hoped. But I'm really fine with that. It was seriously so HOT that I could not have handled doing more upstairs and outside. Maybe now that it's Autumn we'll get more motivation to do things. So perhaps I'll have more updates in a couple of months. I am really looking forward to the cooler months of Fall. 

Not to mention my birthday!

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