Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why the new blog changes?

Hey, howdy, hey!!!
Welcome to my new blog (that is still a work in progress)!!

Some of you may be wondering, "So, Lynnette, why did you make some changes to your blog?"

Well, I've always kind of thought it would be cool to blog more. In fact, I think it'd be cool to blog for money. Just one step/part in my dream career. I want to reach people and share things. And I want people to share things with me (us). Wouldn't it be so great to create a community where we can be open to learning things through sharing our hearts? I think that is really one of the best ways to learn new things.

I may not be a pro blogger any time soon, and I'm totally fine with that. I will still be sharing mostly personal things here. And I will be sharing what I am learning through living life and increasing my skills/knowledge. I am just hoping that something I have to share can reach someone that needs to hear what I am saying. I want to make things relatable for everyone so it can be valuable for anyone.

As my blog grows, we'll see what changes or evolves. Even though it will be mostly personal, I hope it will share a larger message for anyone that wants to participate.

I'm very excited for where ever this journey will lead me. I am hoping my Father in Heaven leads me in the direction I need to go so this can be a positive experience.

Let's go on an adventure!!!

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