Thursday, September 5, 2013

To my future family

Dear future family,

There are a few things I want you to know.These things are simple (personal) truths that I have found to help me through my journey in life thus far. These simple habits and thoughts have helped me change my perspective into a more loving and accepting perspective. I am not perfect at these, but I continue to work on them at all times. I hope these can also help you when you are in a tough spot or need some guidance and love.

1. Be kind to everyone -- to their face and not to their face. 

This seems like common sense. Yet, many people in our world do not see the value in being nice to everyone. Many people only see value in being nice to the people that can get them want they want. In reality, everyone has something to offer. And everyone deserves kindness. Remember to be kind to people even when they are not there. Gossiping can tear friendships apart and hurt feelings quickly.

When you are genuinely kind to others, they are more likely to be kind in return. Some people will not return that kindness, and that is just fine. Continue being kind. If for no other reason, be kind because you want to be Christlike. He was the ultimate example of kindness and love, and we need to follow in His way.

2. Show gratitude whenever possible.

Again, this seems like common sense. Yet, I sometimes forget to say a simple "thank you." And for many people, a simple "thank you" will suffice. It doesn't matter the service - getting you a drink, taking out your trash, holding the door open, or saying "bless you" - please make sure to show your thanks.

The form may not ever be the same -- a smile, a card, a letter, a phone call, or a word. But always make sure to take that extra 2 seconds to tell your waiter, sister, friend, coworker, stranger, neighbor, mother, father, and Father "thank you." Our Father wants to hear from us often - no matter how mundane our words seem.  Those two simple words - thank you - will help your heart grow in unbelievable ways.

3. When you are frustrated, take a breath.

It is so hard when someone is frustrating you. But just take a moment and do not reply. Let aggravating moments pass by and replace them with understanding. There are many ways to interpret a situation, and I implore you to choose the more compassionate view. We do not know what battles people are fighting, what hardship people are coping with, or what terrible news a person just received.

Please note the Savior's example when dealing with difficult personalities. He served them with kindness and a heart full of love. He loves us all, no matter what mistakes we have made (or how frustrating we are). Remember Him when you need help dealing with a difficult situation or person. We are all children of God.

We are trying to start growing our family, and we hope that blessing comes to us very soon. There are so many things I wish I could tell you now before I forget. I have the strong impression to make a record of these things - including some of my testimony. Not only are these things for my future family, but I hope I will remember them in times of hardship or trial. We will continue to share these family truths with you as our lives keep growing.

We love you, future little ones.

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