Thursday, August 29, 2013


Have I mentioned yet how much I love learning things?? I'm pretty sure I have. ;)

So the class I am taking is about Theories in the field of Communication. Theories are my very favorite things to learn about in school. I enjoy seeing all the different ways to look at the world and how to apply it to different situations. My very, VERY favorite class has been Theories of Personality - learning about different psychologists' theories and how they applied it in practice. So awesome.

And now I have this class and I'm flipping out because I've already learned things!! I am in the middle of my chapter readings (you know I love a class when I actually do the readings) and I finished the chapter on Genderlect Styles. It's all about how men and women communicate with each other and within their own genders. I liked hearing this slightly different take on it. Instead of the usual "men are always dominating in conversations" they took the stance of "men and women are simply speaking in a different dialect."

I loved it. Throughout the entire chapter they talked about Deborah Tannen's book You Just Don't Understand. It sounds pretty incredible in helping us learn to understand each other's "dialect" better. I'm hoping to check it out from the library soon!I can't wait to keep learning about these different theories.

These are the moments when I realize how blessed I am (we are) to be in a place where I can learn and grow as much as I want. I have the blessing of schooling in my life, and I can know things that so many others may not know. I am blessed to share knowledge with any others that want to hear it. An education is a true blessing in life and I am grateful for it every day.

I love learning!!

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